We seek talented founders and entrepreneurs with bold ideas to propel the development of future-focused/disruptive/game-changing technologies that will transform core industries in our economy.

Azul Ocean Ventures is an early-stage venture firm that seeks talented founders and entrepreneurs looking to disrupt and transform the industries they serve. We aim to identify talented people to help solve global challenges in core industries such as education, agriculture, and healthcare, through gaming-changing technologies that will shape how the world uses technology to care for its people and our planet. We believe good ideas, executed by great people, become transformative solutions.

Agriculture Technologies


Agriculture-focused businesses with innovative ideas for farming and environmental sustainability. Technologies can include software, hardware, artificial intelligence, biosciences, or any combination of these.

Educational Technologies


Education-focused businesses developing creative solutions to meet the changing education landscape. Technologies can include software, hardware, artificial intelligence, or any combination of the three.

Healthcare Technologies


Health-focused businesses geared toward improving and advancing healthcare systems.